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Challenge Success


Dawson strives to be a beacon school for Challenge Success and student voice is the fabric of the culture. Our goal is to build and maintain a community where the definition of success focuses on student engagement, belonging, and well-being. We aim to empower our students to advocate for their needs while balancing academics with social and physical well-being and success. 

At The Alexander Dawson School, we are challenging the traditional definition of success and believe:

  • Success should be defined on an individual basis, beyond grades and accolades

  • An individual's emotional needs fuels their individual growth

  • Student voice must drive decision-making about how schools can provide a well-balanced experience

  • Research on schedules, projects, assessments, climate of care, and community education should absolutely influence the design of a well-balanced student experience

  • Schools cannot be afraid to adapt and must be willing to change

The terms Engaged Learning, Well-being, and Belonging with double-arrows connecting each one to another.



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