The Alexander Dawson Foundation

The Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain is governed by a Board of Trustees which include foundation trustees and school trustees. The Board of Trustees holds the School in trust and has a fiduciary obligation to safeguard the institution and its future well-being, as well as adopt the School’s Mission, Vision, and strategic goals and help establish policies and plans that reinforce them. 
The Alexander Dawson Foundation trustees and School trustees are pictured above. From left: Tom Kaplan (parent trustee), Susan Borst, Lisa Eyler, Pearl Gallagher, Oz Gutsche (chairman), Nicole Rogers (parent trustee), Kimberley Johnston (vice-chair), and Jeff Shih (parent trustee). Not pictured: W. Hunter Campbell.

About the Alexander Dawson Foundation

Founded in 1957, the mission of the Alexander Dawson Foundation is to establish, operate and maintain educational organizations that will provide students with the highest quality education, nurture future leaders, prepare young adults to excel in college and society, and develop the self-respect, self-discipline, and self-reliance of each student by stressing the value of hard work and personal responsibility. The foundation supports two non-profit, non-sectarian schools and one academic summer program for high-achieving students:

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  • Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain

    Located in the beautiful community of Summerlin, Las Vegas, The Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain is a nurturing learning community for students in preschool through grade eight that challenges students to achieve excellence in mind, body and character.  Our graduates will be ready to achieve their individual potential, savor life and meet the challenges of the world.
  • Dawson School, Colorado

    A private coeducational day school for students in kindergarten through grade 12, located in Lafayette, CO that provides opportunities for each student to reach his or her individual potential, while also developing skills that will allow students to meet the challenges of a dynamic and complex world.

The Alexander Dawson School

The Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain, an independent school located on 33-acres in the community of Summerlin, is Nevada’s first Stanford University Challenge Success partner school for students in early childhood through grade eight. Utilizing the unique Challenge Success framework, Dawson uses research-based strategies and programs that emphasize student academics, wellbeing, and a healthy school-life balance to create more engaged, motivated, and resilient learners and leaders. At Dawson, students achieve their individual potential while savoring life and meeting the challenges of the world.