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Modern Learning at Dawson: An Opportunity for Differentiation

At The Alexander Dawson School, providing deeper educational experiences for every child enrolled means ensuring support for students with learning differences. Our robust Student Services program, led by expertly-trained faculty members, includes academic support and enrichment, data-driven accommodations, a Language Lab program, math support, a Student Success Lab (grades 5-8), social-emotional learning, and school counseling.


Student Services at Dawson

Learning Support Team

Dawson's learning support program allows Early Childhood through eighth-grade students to access academic remediation and enrichment. Using data to meet student needs, Dawson's expertly-trained Learning Support Team faculty work with students individually, in small groups, and as co-teachers in the classroom to support children throughout the day.


This School has a healthy culture of encouragement and growth. It's academically challenging, but teachers have freedom to find ways to make learning fun, and students aren't afraid to make mistakes. The administration stays current on education research and continually makes improvements. Dawson Parent Review

4th Grade Math Enrichment