Teacher Spotlight: Katie Figg

Have you met Ms. Katie Figg? Katie grew up in the Pacific Northwest and moved to Las Vegas in 2003. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Finance from UNLV, and previously earned an associate degree in arts and sciences with a focus in education from Shoreline Community College. Currently, she teaches preschool at Dawson. Learn more about Ms. Figg in this edition of Dawson Teacher Spotlight!
How long have you been a teacher?
This is my fifth year of teaching.
What’s your favorite thing about teaching at Dawson?
Just one? Dawson has an amazing community and culture. Students are engaged in unique learning opportunities, parent partnership is valued and present, and I am able to work with talented and supportive colleagues on a daily basis. I’m thankful that Dawson invests in each teacher’s growth by providing learning opportunities with other educators, professional development and the ability to attend specialized conferences. But most of all, I love my students!
What is your biggest goal for this school year?
I want my students to love to come to school each day! I hope every day feels like an engaging invitation to learn something new, where they know they are safe and loved, and that I will meet and support them exactly where they are.
How did you discover your own Brave Voice?
After working for many years in finance, I began to develop interests in other things and I truly missed working with children. So, I started over and began volunteering, and then teaching. It was exciting and nerve-wracking to leave an established career path, but it was important to me to follow a path of personal growth. Being brave enough to reinvent myself and develop a passion for teaching allows me to use my voice to encourage and challenge our youngest learners to explore many different areas of interest to them.
What is one thing about you that would surprise your students?
Many years ago, I took some time off from school and worked as a nanny. It was supposed to be a summer job but I stayed for nearly three years. I developed a very close bond with an amazing family and got to travel to some really interesting places – New York, Canada, Pennsylvania, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, to name a few. That, and I used to own a motorcycle.
What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working?
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going to the movies and hiking. I wish we had more time to travel! I also really enjoy some quiet time to read.
What are you most proud of?
I am so proud of my family. My children continue to surprise me in the ways that they have grown and matured. My son just voluntarily submitted an essay to his school on why his favorite teacher should be “Teacher of the Year.” His essay was selected as one of the best and the teacher won! I am so proud that he would take the time to do this on his own. My daughter has shown so much personal growth and grit this year in the midst of her own challenges, and at times I can hardly believe how brave she is. She doesn’t let anything keep her from doing her best, no matter the situation. I’m so proud that they both work hard to reach their goals and show integrity, respect, and perseverance.

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