Taylor Malkin '09

Booker at Fox News Channel in Washington, DC

High School: Bishop Gorman High School

Colleges: San Diego State University - B.A. in Business Marketing; William Boyd School of Law - J.D.; Georgetown - M.A. Journalism
Share one of your favorite Dawson memories:
TOO many favorite memories. Probably the eighth-grade trip to Washington, DC.

Who were the Dawson teachers that impacted your education/life the most?
Ms. Freeman, Mr. Kelty, Ms. Finfrock, Mr. Brown, and Ms. Lopez.

What skills and competencies did you learn at Dawson that you continue to use today?
While there are so many skills and competencies I learned at Dawson that I continue to use today, both personally, academically, and professionally, the one that has made the most significant impact on me is our Harkness discussions in the seventh grade during our readings of Greek mythology. I never felt comfortable speaking in front of the class, especially about complex topics like Greek mythology. I remember dreading going to seventh-grade English—however, those discussions were because I was so embarrassed to be wrong in front of the class. Little did I know 10 years later, it would be the best preparation for my law school classes, which follow the Socratic Method, similar to a Harkness discussion.

How did Dawson prepare you for high school, college and beyond?
Dawson prepared me for high school, college, and beyond in crucial ways. First, the teachers at Dawson invest in their student's success, which goes a long way. They were always open for conversation outside the classroom and attentive to your strengths and weaknesses. After graduating, I knew I could not settle for anything less than professors who wanted me to excel. So, I tried to develop close relationships with my high school and college teachers. Second, the curriculum places importance on developing well-rounded students. Looking back, I believe most of my opportunities have been because of my well-rounded nature, something I would not have developed at any other lower school in Las Vegas. Notably, Dawson's approach to education is why I was not burnt out because I had the opportunity to be involved in other classes, after-school activities, and teamwork exercises that gave me a break from my academics.

Can you share 1-2 academic or professional highlights that you’re proud of?
An academic accomplishment I am proud of is graduating from law school. A professional achievement I am proud of is working at Fox News—a dream I've had since I was a student at Dawson.

Why did you decide to be part of the Dawson Alumni Council?
I decided to be part of the Dawson Alumni Council because it greatly impacted who I am today. Dawson is the greatest school ever, and I believe I'd be doing the community at a disadvantage if I didn't share my experience.

Any advice for current Dawson students?
My advice for current Dawson students would be to enjoy every second of it. Don't be shy to go to your teachers if you need help with something challenging. Attend all the school events like Spaghetti Night, Gingerbread Event, and school dances. Branch out and take electives you may not initially be drawn to. And remember, the Dawson family only wants you to succeed, so ask questions when necessary. Go the extra mile because it pays off!

The Alexander Dawson School

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