Paige Poggione '13

Music Industry

High School: Bishop Gorman High School

College: California Lutheran University - B.A. in Communication, Magna Cum Laude
Share one of your favorite Dawson memories:
During my time in musical theatre at Dawson, I got to play some really fun roles and perform with my best friends. Some of my favorite roles were Sandy in Grease, Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella in Into The Woods, and Adelaide in Guys and Dolls.

Who were the Dawson teachers that impacted your education/life the most?
So many of my teachers had such a huge impact on my academic career and life, but some that really stick out to me are Mrs. Wright, Mr. Estrella, Mr. Hennemann, Coach Vetter, and Mrs. Finfrock. Each of them helped build my confidence as a student and as a creative, and their impact has carried on throughout my academic career and adulthood.

What skills and competencies did you learn at Dawson that you continue to use today?
I will always credit Dawson for making me into a well-rounded individual. While education was always of the highest value, the teachers and curriculum that Dawson provided me helped me find my passion for music, athletics, and writing as well. Creativity and individuality were always encouraged and helped me flourish once I graduated.

How did Dawson prepare you for high school, college, and beyond?
Dawson taught the value of hard work and the importance of community. Once I got to high school and college, I was well prepared -- both academically and socially. I feel very lucky to have had such confidence instilled in me so early on.

Can you share 1-2 academic or professional highlights that you’re proud of?
Even at a young age, I always knew that I would be pursuing my music career in adulthood, however, it was still really important to me and my family that I get a college education first. While balancing school and volleyball in high school and college, I'm very proud that I was able to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Cal Lutheran in only three years.

Why did you decide to be part of the Dawson Alumni Council?
Dawson provided me with such an incredible environment to grow up in and I'm so grateful to Dawson and the teachers that helped shape me into who I am today, so I was honored to have the opportunity to join the Council.

Any advice for current Dawson students?
Take it all in and appreciate the nurturing environment that Dawson provides you. I look back with such love for all of the years that I got to be a student there, and I am confident that one day you all will too.

The Alexander Dawson School

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