Becca Schwartz '08


High School: Northwest Career & Technical Academy

College: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - B.S. in Early Childhood Education and minor in Psychology
Share one of your favorite Dawson memories:
My favorite memories from Dawson are the Middle School Field Trips. From going to Great Basin in fifth grade, Astro Camp in sixth grade, Sea Camp in seventh grade, and Washington D.C. in eighth grade. It was a great bonding experience with my peers, as well as the teacher chaperones. I felt that going on a trip without my parents helped me learn how to be responsible at a younger age. 

Who were the Dawson teachers that impacted your education/life the most?
Mrs. Stansbury, Mr. Burby, Mr. Browne, and Mrs. Griffith.

What skills and competencies did you learn at Dawson that you continue to use today?
Dawson taught me how to be a well-rounded person. I learned that I had a voice, and that voice mattered. When I came to Dawson in third grade, I was looking for positivity and a bright light to find that love for learning. Mrs. Stansbury was my third-grade teacher and she is one of the main reasons I am who I am today!

How did Dawson prepare you for high school, college, and beyond?
Dawson prepared me for both high school and college in many ways. One way is that the school taught me how to communicate with my peers and teachers. Dawson helped me learn how to collaborate and work as a team during group projects.

Can you share 1-2 academic or professional highlights that you’re proud of?
One academic/professional highlight that I am proud of is implementing and finishing a project-based learning model. I was recently given the opportunity to attend a PBL 101 workshop to learn about its importance and how to tie it into my classroom/current curriculum. In my class, the children conducted an author study on James Dean, the author and illustrator of the "Pete the Cat" books. We read many of his stories and chose "Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons" to recreate as a class, to teach others how fun subtraction can be! 

Why did you decide to be part of the Dawson Alumni Council? One of the biggest reasons I decided to be part of the Dawson Alumni Council was because after many years away from here (high school & college), I made my way back to become a teacher. I want to inspire other children that have just recently graduated to continue their relationships with fellow teachers and to follow their dreams.

Any advice for current Dawson students?
If I had one piece of advice to give current Dawson students, it would be to build meaningful relationships with your teachers. Dawson teachers are a different breed, they care about you entirely and want to see you change the world. Once you do that, they love to hear back from you and see where you're at in life!

The Alexander Dawson School

The Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain, an independent school located on 33-acres in the community of Summerlin, is Nevada’s first Stanford University Challenge Success partner school for students in early childhood through grade eight. Utilizing the unique Challenge Success framework, Dawson uses research-based strategies and programs that emphasize student academics, wellbeing, and a healthy school-life balance to create more engaged, motivated, and resilient learners and leaders. At Dawson, students achieve their individual potential while savoring life and meeting the challenges of the world.