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Four students smiling, standing in front of school flag poles.

Dawson families are critical to the life and the community of the School. Fostering a strong sense of belonging within this community creates a space where our students, families, and individuals can grow and find connection and meaning.

Our community’s shared values, traditions, and narratives anchor us to a common purpose of care and responsibility where we contribute to collective well-being. With belonging at the root, we are reminded that our lives are intertwined, our voices resonate, and our stories matter. 

School & Home Partnership

When families and schools work hand-in-hand, remarkable things happen. This invaluable collaboration forms a supportive network that nurtures our students' growth and provides a solid foundation for their future. Our goal is to ensure that every family from Early Childhood through the eighth grade has the best and most cohesive educational experience. Together, we can foster a positive and inspiring environment where every child's unique talents and abilities are recognized and celebrated. 

I have realized how thankful I am for everything and everyone who helped me grow into the person I am now. I am thankful for all my teachers from EC-8th grade who believed in me and pushed me to be great because they knew I had it in me. I am thankful for the students who picked me up when I was at my lows and hyped me up when I was at my highs. And I will always be thankful for all the staff that helped make my Dawson experience safe, fun, and important. Justin Cofield '24

a student and two grown ups