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Modern Spaces

young students working on projects in the design lab

Modern Learning Requires Modern Spaces

Each Dawson student is one of a kind, and our physical spaces need to support the personalized needs of our dynamic and curious learners. So just as our approach toward world readiness has evolved, it’s now time for the landscape of our campus to follow suit.

Research on the impact of modern learning spaces shows the many whole-child advantages they offer to students, including benefits to health and wellbeing, school culture, and academics.

  • Modern learning spaces encourage collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and productivity, and reduce sedentary behavior. 
  • They create a more calm and relaxing environment for students, decreasing their stress and anxiety levels and boosting academic performance and engagement. 
  • More than just aesthetically pleasing and fun, future-minded spaces deliver an important paradigm shift when it comes to the way teachers teach: Educators give a lot of power to their students when allowing them to decide where and with whom they want to work. This motivates students to develop agency and use their voices to make choices independently. 
  • It increases their self-awareness and sense of responsibility when determining the most appropriate and productive setting to accomplish their work. Quite simply, they understand who they are as learners and collaborators.