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Athletics is an essential component of the educational experience at The Alexander Dawson School and central to the School’s mission of mind, body and character. Through athletics, students face both success and defeat, preparing them for the achievements and challenges of life. Participation in competitive athletics allows students to experience and learn the value of dedication, sacrifice, time management, and teamwork. Students also develop leadership skills and strength of character.

five student-athletes in flag football uniforms on the field under the lights.


Our Philosophy

The primary focus of Dawson’s athletics program is for students to gain experience in various sports and skills development. The athletics department, coaches, and student-athletes work together to create an inclusive, competitive team environment that prepares students to transition to high school athletics. As student-athletes at a Challenge Success school, our Dawson Bears also gain experience in life skills such as time management and resilience. 

Dawson Athletics offers a no-cut policy encouraging students to be multi-sport athletes and take risks when learning new skills. However, representative roles are based on many factors such as being a great teammate and demonstrating ability and commitment.

Program Goals

  • Develop sport-specific skills

  • Develop knowledge of game strategies and rules

  • Have the opportunity to work cooperatively toward team goals

  • Develop a positive attitude toward teammates and opponents

  • Promote sportsmanship on and off the court/field at all times

  • Promote Dawson founder G.B. Henderson’s belief in the concept of “nothing without labor”

  • Encourage the development of leadership qualities

  • Provide each athlete the opportunity to work toward a healthy lifestyle


Athletics Fields


Competitive Sports Offered


Of Middle School Students Participate In At Least One Sport


Athletics Conferences

golf team
cross country runners with their trophy
group of basketball players with their trophy
flag football players with their trophy
flag football players with their trophy
volleyball players with their trophy

Red Rock Athletic Conference Championships

NCSAA, JAMZ & SNMSG Championships

cheerleaders performing a pyramid stunt