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Middle school is a unique time in a student's life, an opportunity for remarkable self-discovery, creativity, and personal growth.

Students use this time in their educational journey to engage in elective topics that speak to their existing interests and curiosities and open their minds to new affinities. Dawson’s faculty understands each student’s need for both independence and guidance. With a focus on problem-based learning and exploratory experiences, our middle school electives enable students to actively participate in their education.

2024-2025 Elective Selection

For the fall semester, rising fifth-grade students will learn about their elective, Student Voice Group, and Club options on Wednesday, May 1, and rising sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students will learn about their options on Tuesday, April 30. Students will discuss these choices at home before signing up. During advisory on Monday, May 6, at 9:15 a.m., students will receive the online form via their Dawson email to make their elections. In the second semester of the school year, students will continue in their year-long electives and sign up for only those electives that were one semester long. 5th-grade students need to choose a "new" exploratory elective. Students in grades 6-8 may repeat their elective choices. All students will be asked to provide their top options for each elective category.

The form will be open until Thursday, May 9, at 4:00 p.m.

Elective Categories:

  • Exploratory Electives: We encourage students to take risks and embrace the unknown when selecting their exploratory elective, trying courses that push them out of their comfort zone. Exploratory electives are re-evaluated and revised yearly to respond to current and relevant themes, trends, and ideas.
  • Mastery Electives: We encourage students to delve deeper and commit to a year of study in mastery electives. These course options place a specific focus on excellence in performance. Dedicating multiple years to one elective area provides an advanced skill set for future studies. For example, all students select choir or orchestra as a “mastery elective” in 5th and 6th grades. In mastery electives, teachers mentor students to meet benchmark expectations.

Elective Options

Voice Groups & Clubs