Distance Learning: Empathy Art Project

Dawson art instructor Hung Le partnered with the Dawson School in Colorado for an art project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students in grades 3-8 created original pieces inspired by the impact of the pandemic on society while developing empathy for people beyond our school community.
For this assignment, students were first asked to think about the problems caused by the virus. Next, they were presented with this series of reflection questions: 
  • How do we address and bring attention to low income and homeless people through art?
  • How do we show empathy for those suffering from mental issues through art?
  • How can we bring light to this and educate others on how to cope with it?
  • What are the simple things in life that we can focus on in these times of limited access?
  • How can you show your respect for our heroes such as doctors and nurses through art?
The Assignment
  • Students were asked to create art addressing one of the following topics: mental health, joy in simplicity, heroes, or empathy.
  • Options included fine art, digital art, or design. 

Examples of Student Work: COVID-19 & Empathy Art Project

    • Jacqueline C., Grade 3

    • Norah M., Grade 4

    • Jaylen B., Grade 7

    • Grace W., Grade 8

    • Sofia H., Grade 5

    • Lukas M., Grade 3

    • Mila D., Grade 4

    • Ikaika G., Grade 4

    • Cade J., Grade 3

    • Veronica M., Grade 6

    • Isabelle G., Grade 4

    • Inaya P., Grade 5

    • Inaya P., Grade 5

      Inaya P

    • Avalon F., Grade 8

    • Walker L., Grade 3

    • Amelia G., Grade 4

    • Grace B., Grade 3

    • Donovan C., Grade 8

    • AJ B., Grade 3

    • Calvin A., Grade 5

    • Tyler P., Grade 6

    • Richard R., Grade 4

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