We choose to be part of the Dawson community because we share in the vision and values of the Dawson educational experience. - Dawson Core Belief
The purpose of this page is to provide clarity around the academic adaptations we are implementing to personalize the Dawson educational experience, as well as the adjustments we are making to minimize the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. 
On February 10, Governor Sisolak announced a state directive that eliminates the indoor mask mandate for Nevada schools effective, Friday, February 11. Shortly after this announcement, the Clark Country School District (CCSD) followed suit and dropped their district-wide indoor mask mandate for all students and faculty/staff beginning tomorrow. 
Throughout the pandemic, The Alexander Dawson School's COVID-19 policies have remained closely aligned with Nevada state mandates and the guidance of the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD). The School has always tried to be thoughtful and conducted its due diligence with any COVID-19 policy change, and we've approached today's change in mask policy with the same careful consideration. Head of School Roxanne Stansbury took time today to speak with the Heads of Meadows and Adelson Schools, Dawson's Board of Trustees, and our Medical Advisory Task Force. Based on these conversations, here is what our community needs to know now: 

    Beginning tomorrow, masking will be a choice on Dawson's campus for all students, faculty, and staff.
    This decision is in line with the new state mandate and SNHD, as well as the decisions of our independent school cohort and CCSD. Again, beginning tomorrow, Dawson will be mask-optional for all students, faculty, and staff. 
    We are currently reviewing, in partnership with Southern Nevada Health District, how this new mask-choice policy changes quarantine protocols. Once we have clearer guidance, we will inform the Dawson community. In the meantime, we will continue following our current protocols.

    Please talk to your children about how they show up tomorrow and in the days ahead as caring and respectful Dawson community members.
     To wear or not wear a mask has unfortunately become politicized for many people. We want every student to feel comfortable with their choice whether or not to mask, and how students treat each other in the days ahead will matter a great deal to community care and cohesion. In addition, faculty and administration will be speaking with students tomorrow morning about treating each other with dignity and respecting individual choices. 

    Based on this new change, we will be reviewing other policies related to families and visitors on campus, etc. Once we have updated these policies, we will inform the Dawson community. 

The Alexander Dawson School

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