2022-2023 Annual Fund By the Numbers

Cost of a Dawson Education

In 2022-23, the total cost to educate a Dawson student was $38,975. While tuition payments covered approximately 70 percent of this cost, the School relied on Dawson Annual Fund donations and other sources of revenue to supplement tuition. 

The Alexander Dawson Foundation contributed $3,355,498 ($5,865 per student). The Dawson Annual Fund donations, individual contributions, and other sources of revenue accounted for an additional $3,528 per student. These sources of income were crucial in continuing to provide our students with an exceptional educational experience. 

We would like to acknowledge and thank all of those who support the School with their generous contributions. 

Total cost of a Dawson education per student - $38,975
Depreciation (unfunded) - $2,365
Contributions & Other Revenue - $3,528
Foundation Contribution - $5,865
Average 2022-23 Tuition - $27,217

2022-2023 Operating Revenue

2022-23 Operating Revenues: $17,817,000
Other Revenue - $1,286,000 (7%)
Contributions - $963,000 (6%)
Tuition & Fees - $15,568,000 (87%)

2022-2023 Expenses and Debt Service

2022-23 Expenses & Debt Service: $20,338,000
Technology & Other Instructional/Auxiliary - $656,000 (3%)
Other G&A/Fundraising - $947,000 (5%)
Depreciation Expense - $1,353,000 (7%)
Tuition Assistance - $1,472,000 (7%)
Facilities & Dining - $2,115,000 (10%)
Debt Service - $3,124,000 (15%)
Personnel Expense - $10,671,000 (53%)

The Alexander Dawson School

The Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain, an independent school located on 33-acres in the community of Summerlin, is Nevada’s first Stanford University Challenge Success partner school for students in early childhood through grade eight. Utilizing the unique Challenge Success framework, Dawson uses research-based strategies and programs that emphasize student academics, wellbeing, and a healthy school-life balance to create more engaged, motivated, and resilient learners and leaders. At Dawson, students achieve their individual potential while savoring life and meeting the challenges of the world.